Our new white paper "Medical Grade Plastics"

Medical products are unimaginable today without plastics. But which plastic is suitable for which application? And what does the term "medical grade plastics" mean in this context? Our new white paper provides the answers.

If you search for plastics for medical products online, you will find a whole range of hits for medical plastics, medical grade plastics or medical grade qualities from different manufacturers. Many labels and associated data sheets suggest that there is a specific process or guideline that makes these plastics suitable per se for any type of medical product.  

However, there is still no clear definition of medical grade.  

In our white paper "Medical Grade Plastics - Requirements for plastics in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry", the experts from Novoplast Schlauchtechnik, Fleima-Plastic and Polyneers GmbH provide practical guidance on how to select the right plastic to bring products to market safely.  

The white paper is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized manufacturers of plastic components for medical devices as well as distributors of plastic medical devices without specialised material expertise.

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