Novoplast Schlauchtechnik presents the new Master-Tube PEX. The radiation-cured polyethylene hose rounds off the overall portfolio.

Radiation crosslinked tubing product now available

Halberstadt, July - Novoplast Schlauchtechnik is pleased to introduce the latest addition to its portfolio: the radiation crosslinked polyethylene hose "Master-Tube PEX. This special product opens up numerous new application possibilities in various industries.

The Master-Tube PEX is characterized by its special manufacturing process. Physical cross-linking at the macromolecule level is achieved by irradiation using gamma rays. This process enables stronger crosslinking of the PE than conventional methods and results in an extremely high-quality product. "With the Master-Tube PEX, we are focusing on another manufacturing technology to offer our customers an even wider range of product variants of the highest quality and performance," says Torsten Gebhardt Head of Product and Industry Management Industrial Solutions at the Masterflex Group. "Crosslinking at the macromolecule level enables us to improve the properties of polyethylene hose in such a way as to meet the requirements of various industries even better."

Crosslinking at the macromolecule level offers a number of added values for the Master-Tube PEX right away. A significant improvement in creep resistance enables improved connection technology, resulting in increased reliability and further minimizing leakage. The stress crack resistance known with polyethylene is significantly improved, preventing cracks in the material caused by stresses in the material itself (e.g. when using fasteners).

Another advantage of crosslinking is the improved low-temperature impact strength of the hose. This enables the Master-Tube PEX to effectively absorb impact and shock energy even at low temperatures without suffering irreversible damage from it. This property is of extreme advantage, especially in environments with demanding conditions. In addition, Master-Tube PEX shows slight improvements in hardness, stiffness and temperature resistance. Thus, the range of applications of the polyethylene hose is extended and increases the versatility of the hose in various fields of application such as mechanical engineering, painting technology, agricultural industry, equipment technology as well as robotics and automation and many more. Due to the improvements of the mechanical properties of a polyethylene coupled with the still existing excellent chemical properties of the material, the Master-Tube PEX serves as a quality solution for example applied as paint and chemical hose or cooling hose.

The use of Master-Tube PEX in laser technology could be particularly interesting. Due to its low permeation values, this hose type is the ideal component for coolant hoses. Here it opens up numerous possibilities for improving processes and service life. This hose type is also used for cooling motors or electrical components, transferring compressed air, supplying grippers and for use in a vacuum. In this way, it contributes to increased efficiency and productivity of machine systems.

"With the Master-Tube PEX, we offer our customers a first-class product that meets the highest quality standards and at the same time offers versatile application possibilities," says Niels Mitzlaff, Head of R & D Development at Novoplast Schlauchtechnik. "We are proud to be able to make our contribution to the further development of various industries and to keep offering our customers innovative solutions."

The Master-Tube PEX from Novoplast Schlauchtechnik is available now. For more information and technical details, please visit our product details page.

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