Tubes made of UHMWPE for medical technology

Often manufacturing processes are not endless due to the production process, but are carried out in individual batches or steps. The following article provides endless good content, therefore short and sweet: We have endless hose possibilities! This is exactly why we as Masterflex Group are maximal proud to be able to offer you concrete solutions again and again, such as hoses made of UHMWPE for medical technology.

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The Master-Tube PE Ultra: The new UHMWPE tube for medical technology

Maximum material properties for medical technology - So that your abdominal pain doesn't play hide-and-seek

The Master-Tube PE Ultra: The new UHMWPE tube for medical technology

Medical devices are important and it is impossible to imagine our world without them. They support doctors in the diagnosis of physical and mental illnesses and are significant tools in surgical interventions. The material UHMWPE has proven itself in medical technology not only since yesterday.

Abdominal pain is often nasty, widespread and, as a layman, its localization resembles a game of hide-and-seek. So that your abdominal pain does not play hide-and-seek and can be discovered in time, a possible disease of the organs in the abdominal cavity or pelvic area is examined with a laparoscopy (laparoscopy) and treated if necessary. A so-called laparoscope is used - a device with a small camera attached to the end of a thin tube shaft.

UHMWPE as the maximum material of the Master-Tube PE Ultra

The Master-Tube PE Ultra is the new UHMWPE tube from Novoplast Schlauchtechnik. This product can support doctors and users in the field of medical technology in their daily work. Due to the remarkably diverse mechanical properties, the maximum material UHMWPE proves to be a true laboratory assistant and specialist for fine, medical technology components. This hose made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene therefore enables smooth use in many medical applications. We are talking here about a product that has been put through its paces so that end users can operate successfully.

A UHMWPE tube in laparoscopic surgery

To stay with our example, UHMWPE tubing is very conceivable in laparoscopic surgery in terms of manufacturing tubular sheaths for laparoscopes and related devices. Moreover, UHMWPE can be incorporated into working channels and sheath tubing for endoscopic instruments, supplement the widely used fluoropolymer tubing. So that your abdominal pain does not play hide and seek, processes in the production were thoroughly examined, with the goal of being able to offer the best result. Here, the high mechanical strength of UHMWPE comes up trumps, as well as first-class sliding behavior. The properties and options mentioned in the text offer manufacturers and users not only economic advantages. From an ecological point of view, Master-Tube PE-Ultra, as a representative of polyolefins, can also be classified as comparatively environmentally friendly in terms of energy recovery and the resulting degradation products, carbon dioxide and water.With our product, the performance of high-performance polymers (HPP) or even fluoropolymers can be reconciled with the omnipresent sustainability requirements. In addition, Novoplast Schlauchtechnik's UHMWPE-tube meets the regulatory requirements that are fundamental for use in components for medical devices.


Advantages of UHMWPE tube Master-Tube PE-Ultra:

  • Excellent mechanical properties, high tensile strength & Young's modulus.
  • Non-polar, anti-adhesive surface, low surface tension
  • Low coefficient of sliding friction
  • Low density
  • Ecologically sustainable plastic

Regardless of whether they are suppliers to the medical technology industry, component manufacturers, machine and tool manufacturers, or OEMs, the diverse requirements of an instrument such as the laparoscope can be met by the Master-Tube PE-Ultra. For all the above reasons, we at the Masterflex Group are not playing hide-and-seek with our valuable product. We will be happy to provide you with expert advice, without any stomach ache.

The maximum product features of the Master-Tube PE Ultra

Our Master-Tube PE-Ultra is the best UHMWPE-tube for demanding applications. We are pleased to introduce you to this endless manufacturable tube, made from the medical technology-proven material ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), based on three features.

Maximum stability:

Due to the diverse mechanical properties of polyethylene, such as high surface hardness, very good stress cracking resistance and a low coefficient of friction, the material is used in highly stressed areas of application and excels with extreme abrasion resistance. For this very reason, highly demanding products such as gears or sliding elements are often made of this material, as are components where high abrasion resistance is essential.

Maximum reliability:

The robustness of the UHMWPE tube ensures extreme durability of the products, because the Master-Tube PE Ultra (UHMWPE) has a great resistance in connection with chemicals, hydrolysis and solvents, among other things, which makes the use in the fields of medical technology, feeding technology, chemistry, painting technology and automotive very durable. This product is thus maximally reliable in its properties.

In addition, our new "infinite process" is special in the industry. Before the endless production of the hoses, the product was produced by ram extrusion. This is a discontinuous process, in this case the so-called screw is drawn up with material, as in injection molding, and then the mass is rammed forward to be ejected through a die. This continuous process is interesting for all applications that require tubes over several meters in length.

Maximum gliding ability:

Novoplast Schlauchtechnik has developed this tube with the aim of bringing a product to market that ensures greater efficiency and better patient outcomes. Due to the diverse mechanical properties of the polyethylene material, such as a high surface hardness, a low coefficient of sliding friction or also a higher lightness due to lower density, the Master-Tube PE Ultra has very good sliding properties. And on the basis of this, the tube consequently has an almost frictionless sliding behavior, which is relevant for many applications in medical technology.

For more information see our

data sheet Master-Tube PE Ultra

Patented manufacturing process for the reliable UHMWPE tube - Master-Tube PE Ultra

Developed for you with the right competencies: Until now, such components were milled from semi-finished products (sintered round or rectangular profiles; sheets/plate goods). In cooperation with the manufacturer, Novoplast Schlauchtechnik has developed a process for thermoplastic processing, which is now protected by a patent. Now not only mechanical components can be produced, but also hoses as endless goods. This means that the mechanical properties can also be made available for the tubing world. Consequently, the next step is to transfer this manufacturing technology for the medical technology sector. On the basis of trusting cooperation, we work with you to develop solutions that meet your specific product requirements.

In the segment of standard medical components, we already offer an enormous variety of products. Based on your requirements, such as tube diameter or material, we support you in finding the right connectors, clamps, caps or adapters for your applications.

We are the endless specialists for tubes in medical technology - and look forward to talking to you!

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