Endless tubing possibilities with the Master-Tube PE Ultra

Often manufacturing processes are not endless due to the production process, but are carried out in individual batches or steps. The following article has endless good content, therefore short and sweet: We have endless hose possibilities! This is exactly why we, as Masterflex Group, are ultra proud to be able to offer you concrete solutions again and again.

Our Master-Tube PE Ultra is the best hose for demanding applications. We would like to introduce you to this endless tube, made of the proven material ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), based on three features. 

Our Ultra product features of the Master-Tube PE Ultra

Ultra-Hard: A high-performance polymer as the material of the Master-Tube PE Ultra

Due to the diverse mechanical properties of polyethylene, such as high surface hardness, very good stress cracking resistance and a low coefficient of friction, the material is used in highly stressed areas of application and excels with its extreme abrasion resistance. For this very reason, heavily demanded products such as gear wheels or sliding elements are often made of this material.

Ultra-durable: The multiple properties of the Master-Tube PE Ultra

The robustness of the Master-Tube PE Ultra ensures extreme durability of the products. The Master-Tube PE Ultra has a great resistance to chemicals, hydrolysis and solvents, among others, which makes it very durable for use in the feeding, chemical, painting and automotive industries.

An overview of the technical data

Ultra-Infinite: Our patented manufacturing process for the Master-Tube PE Ultra

Our patented and completely newly developed manufacturing process is special in the industry and replaces the previous RAM extrusion. This new manufacturing method now allows us to produce tubing as a continuous product. This manufacturing process is interesting for all applications that require tubes such as the Master-Tube PE Ultra over several meters in length. For example, in mechanical engineering, for material feeders or in sewer inspection, etc. 

Let's stay with the example of the gear wheel. Until now, such components were milled from semi-finished products (sintered round or rectangular profiles; sheets/plate goods). Together with the manufacturer, Novoplast Schlauchtechnik has developed a process for thermoplastic processing, which is now protected by a patent.

Now not only mechanical components can be produced, but also hoses as endless goods. Thus, the mechanical properties can also be made available for the industrial hose world.

Welding wire feeder & Master Tube PE Ultra Tube

So that your robot does not break a sweat

If your robot breaks down for technical reasons and the feed lines need to be changed, changing these feed lines is costly. With welding robots, the welding wire must be guided from the coil to the welding point. Our tube made of UHMWPE brings significantly more flexibility and ensures less resistance at the robot due to good sliding properties.

It is also easier for you! The Master-Tube PE Ultra is a lighter product, which has a lower density compared to the special PA12h compound. (0.966 g/cm³ to 1.08 g/cm³).

Due to the excellent mechanical properties of the Master-Tube PE-Ultras, the operating time of your machines, as you now know, can be noticeably extended.

A hose is used to convey the welding wire to the robot and automatic welding systems as well as manual welding systems. This hose is integrated in the hose package and guides the welding wire to the head of the welding gun or tool. It is important here that the welding wire hose has excellent abrasion and wear resistance, just like that of the Master-Tube PE Ultra.  

Furthermore, a low coefficient of friction of the hose material ensures continuous and uniform welding wire feed. The Master-Tube PE Ultra is therefore a hose that supports automatic welding systems and robots in use with durability and extends the functional time.

Optimize your equipment with Master-Tube PE Ultra industrial tubes. To make your work easier, this UHMWPE welding wire hose even comes in a customized color version. This makes it truly easy to identify the conveyor hose within the hose package.

Your robot won't break a sweat using the Master-Tube PE Ultra. And neither will you, by the way, with extended machine function time.

Feeding technology - small parts feeder & Master-Tube PE Ultra

So that your screw stays loose

 Image rights at Rhein-Nadel Automation GmbH Website: rna.de

To ensure high production speeds, fully automatic screwdriving machines are used in many industrial plants.

These obtain the required small parts, such as screws, from a sorting system connected to a magazine hose. It is important to ensure a smooth production process.  

In order not to disturb the production process, it is essential to select the right feeding hose into the automatic screwdriving machine. In this case, it is advisable to use a dimensionally stable tube to prevent the screws from getting caught or jammed in the hose.

No balderdash! The Master-Tube PE Ultra (UHMWPE hose) promises high abrasion resistance. The hose's high abrasion resistance and sliding properties also ensure long-term durability.

To ensure that in the future you make true leaps of joy during the maintenance of your hoses, this hose is the perfect choice. Due to the mechanical properties of the UHMWPE we use, such as a high surface hardness, very good stress cracking resistance as well as a low coefficient of friction, your screws will always remain loose! The Masterflex supply hoses extend the maintenance intervals and thus reduce your costs and effort resources.

Custom orders: Another advantage of the Master-Tube PE Ultra is the flexibility for your orders, because the hose sizes (diameter) can now be conveniently customized to each screw size to provide additional flexibility in order processing! Sizes up to 50 mm outer diameter can be produced here, depending on customer requirements, and the tube length can now also be produced individually.

The Master-Tube PE Ultra comes up trumps in trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation

Novoplast Schlauchtechnik's UHMWPE project is very successful and is used in various industrial sectors. Also in sewer rehabilitation.  

Master-Tube PE Ultra mechanical hose properties convince 

When it comes to system components and a long-range push camera is used to support the inspection of house and property drainage systems, this equipment has to withstand a lot when it comes into contact with heavily stressed pipes and lines. To make the camera technology work, the cable bundles are usually wrapped around a fiberglass rod, which sits in a sheath made of polyamide. But the material is anything but abrasion-resistant, and the coefficient of sliding friction leaves much to be desired. Thanks to the thermoplastic manufacturing process with the material made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, the Master-Tube PE Ultra is very interesting for all kinds of hose and push applications in the field of sewer rehabilitation and inspection measures due to its excellent sliding properties combined with a robust abrasion resistance.  

Master-Tube PE Ultra strong surface hardness for duct lines

It is clear that the Master-Tube PE Ultra is ultra-robust in its entirety. To be even more certain of these product advantages, Novoplast Schlauchtechnik conducted a wear test with other engineering plastics such as polyamide - the result was surprising! Plastics relevant to conveying and feeding technology were subjected to an abrasion test, and no engineering plastic was able to match the good results of the Master-Tube PE Ultra. The UHMWPE hose embodies extreme product durability in connection with excellent resistance to chemicals, hydrolysis, fecal matter. 

Master-Tube PE Ultra – Seeing through sewer inspections 

The hose components in systems such as trolleys for pipes or systems that are used, for example, for work and inspection measures in shafts or sewage pipes must have a certain flexibility. The protective hoses for the cable bundles of your camera technology are usually made of polyamide. Here, PE ULTRA is very interesting due to its sliding properties and abrasion resistance, since cable bundles that are wound around a fiberglass rod (ID 3.5 - 5 mm) still have to be pushed into 40-60 m long polyamide hoses. How convenient that our tubing can also be produced as endless goods over many meters. 

Your application engineers will confirm it, a certain flexibility and good bendability of the hoses is necessary, as they are mostly used in places that are difficult to access. Mechanical properties, such as a low coefficient of sliding friction or greater lightness due to lower density, give the Master-Tube PE Ultra hose particularly good sliding properties. In this way, the Master-Tube PE Ultra enables your shaft zoom camera to provide the right view from the shaft into the connected ducts, without the need to climb laboriously into the shaft to inspect the route. 

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