Business Units

Industrial Production

The range of our industrial tubes contains e.g. several standard tubes as well as customized special types for the key-branches below:

  • machine building industry
  • automotive
  • electrical industry
  • chemical industry
  • food industry
  • agricultural engineering

Medical Products

Class 6, 7 and 8 clean rooms are available for the manufacture of tubing for medical engineering or other applications that require exceptionally clean products.

We process numerous thermoplastic synthetic materials to tubing here with OD’s from 0,02 inch to 0,472 inch (from 0,5 mm to 12,0 mm).

We manufacture:

  • monolumen tubes for infusion, nutrition, angiography, PTCA etc.
  • multilumen tubes for dialysis, drainage, urology etc.
  • multilayer tubes for infusion, transfusion, PTCA etc.

Besides these special products we offer several medical PVC/PVC noDEHP and PU tubes as a standard for:

  • infusion
  • transfusion
  • ECC and dialysis.
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